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August 19, 2022
Guests Chalets at Bell 2

Samoens offers the perfect destination for those interested in alpine summer holidays for all the family, as well as catering to dedicated sports enthusiasts. If you are bored with the standard beach holiday but still wish to enjoy some decent weather, a whole host of activities and breath-taking scenery, then Samoens is the place to come.

From May to September temperatures average between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, so you can enjoy everything from swimming in the lifeguarded mountain lakes and pools, to hiking, rafting, climbing, mountain biking, and road biking, the region offers it all. The evenings cool down nicely so sleeping in the summer chalets is never a problem too!

The Grand Massif Express lift is open during summer taking you from the summer chalets in the village up to 1, 600m within just eight minutes. Then you can reach the top of the mountain by taking the Chariande Express lift on certain days - Check at bottom which days its open. The leisure area has climbing walls, tennis courts, golf driving range, lakes, rafting, adventure parks, archery, fishing, playground, football pitches, horse riding, quads, swimming pools with slide and plenty of sunbathing areas, snack bars and picnic areas too, the list is endless...

Grand Massif Lifts

The Grand Massif Express is open during the peak weeks of the summer (July & August) to gain access to mountain biking and walking at Samoens 1600. Additionally, the Chariande Express chairlift is open four days per week giving access to the Tete de Saix for fantastic views and links to the rest of the Grand Massif. Prices are from 7€ return for adults, 18€ for a day (unlimited use in entire Grand Massif), and 41.50€ for 6 consecutive days.

Opening Dates, Summer 2015

Samoens: 04/07 => 28/08

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Chalet-N Summer Movie
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Villars in Summer | Chalet Balthazar
Our Chalet, Switzerland - Summer 2013
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