Best Restaurants in Chamonix

May 12, 2022
La Moraine Chamonix

35 place de la Mer de Glace, BP44, 74400 Chamonix-Mont Blanc (00 33 4 50 53 14 14). The hotel's restaurant serves simple but delicious lunches.

Route des Tines, Chamonix Mont-Blanc (00 33 4 50 53 23 27; A stylish wooden lodge serving stylish French mountain cuisine, La Cabane is a great place for dinner. Fondues and Raclettes feature heavily on the menu, and the outdoor terrace has fine views of the mountains.

123 Place Balmat, 74400 Chamonix Mont-Blanc (00 33 4 50 55 97 97; Located in the centre of Chamonix, Atmosphère serves local specialities (cheese fondue, raclette, pierrade) based on fresh, local produce. The roofed terrace is great in summer, and the cosy setting is perfect for an after-ski dinner.

71 route des Pèlerins, Chamonix Mont-Blanc (00 33 4 50 55 99 70; An Irish pub serving brasserie fare, with good Guinness, great music and a friendly atmosphere. Booking is essential.

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