Ski rental in Chamonix

October 11, 2022
Poncet Sports

snowboard rental Chamonix

Snowboard rental Chamonix - Rent ski Chamonix, Argentière

Snowboard rental in Chamonix with Sanglard Sports.
Rent ski is a brand of Sanglard sports ski shop in Chamonix, This internet site allows you to rent your ski according to your ability level. Sanglard sports has 2 ski shops, one in Chamonix and one in Argentière to better serve you.

For: Snowboard rental Chamonix, we are at your disposal

Rent your ski equipment online quickly, easily in total security with your credit card: ski boots, ski equipment, ski clothing, snowboard, snowboard boots, ski wear...
We offer the highest quality brands :

INTERNET SKI RENTAL : Discount -40% -30% -25% -15%. Be aware prices in the ski shop can be different.

SANGLARD SPORTS WILL COME TO YOU : You can choose your rental ski equipment on our web site and we will come to your accommodation with a selection of sizes for you to try. Select your ski equipment and you can be the first on the slopes..

DELIVERY AT YOUR ACCOMMODATION : after you have chosen your equipment in the ski shop, we will bring it to your hotel or accommodation. This a free service for more than 4 ski packs.

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Jumping off a ski lift!
Jumping off a ski lift!
Rhone Alpes Skiing Holiday Rental Homes
Rhone Alpes Skiing Holiday Rental Homes
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