Chalet accommodation

November 1, 2022
Roselands Chalet Accommodation

Comfortable accommodation in top resorts with great food, a warm welcome and friendly, professional service from your Inghams Chalet Hotel team

Combining the relaxed, informal atmosphere of a chalet with the space and facilities of a larger hotel, our Chalet Hotels are more popular than ever. The facilities generally include comfortable lounge and bar areas, en suite bedrooms, Free Wi-Fi, and many also offer additional comforts such as log fire, swimming-pool, sauna, or sun-terrace. All offer outstanding value in some of Europe’s top ski areas, and each is run by its own friendly and professional team of Inghams managers, chefs and hosts.

Your Chalet Hotel holiday includes all of the following:

  • Continental buffet plus cooked breakfast options
  • Afternoon tea with freshly baked cake and savouries
  • ‘Culinary Choice’ 5 course evening meals
  • Complimentary choice of quality wines throughout dinner
  • Free tea/coffee during daytime
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Friendly service from your Inghams Chalet Hotel team
  • Special celebration menus on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve

Chalet Hotel Meals

Breakfast – A skiers’ buffet breakfast is available every day, including porridge or cereals, tea, coffee, fruit juice, local breads (including croissants in France), cold meats, cheese, fruit and preserves. In addition, our cooked breakfast offers your choice of bacon, eggs, sausage and baked beans. (On the staff’s one day off per week, the Continental buffet is available, but not the cooked breakfast.)

Afternoon Tea – After a tremendous day’s skiing or snowboarding, return to a hot drink and a selection of freshly baked cakes and savouries (daily except on staff’s one day off). Tea and coffee are also available free throughout the daytime in all our Chalet Hotels.

‘Culinary Choice’ Dinner – Our Chalet Hotels make dinner a highlight of the day, with our 5-course menus served six days each week, accompanied by a choice of complimentary quality wines. Dinner starts with canapés and an apéritif, generally served in the lounge/bar, followed by a starter, main course, dessert and a cheese selection to finish. We offer choices for each course, always including a vegetarian option, and ask that you make your selection at breakfast each day, so that our chef’s team can prepare everything fresh for you that evening. Dinner can be as sociable or as private as you wish, with larger tables for groups of friends, old or new, or private tables for more intimate dining for couples if preferred.

Vegetarian options are always available to choose from our menus, and other special diets can be catered for at a supplement, if booked with us in advance.

One evening each week your Chalet Hotel staff have the evening off, enabling you to choose from one of the local restaurants for that evening’s dinner, which our Resort Representative will be delighted to help you book.

Complimentary Chalet Hotel Wines

Our choice of wines is selected in conjunction with our good friends, Nicolas and Véronique Perret, and their long established Savoie wine business. Nicolas is a qualified ‘Master of Wine’, and has helped us select two contrasting whites, two choice reds and a rosé for you to enjoy, unlimited, throughout dinner each evening.

Our Chalet Hotel Staff

Our Chalet Hotel Hosts are chosen for their friendly and helpful attitude, whilst our Head Chefs and their teams are professionally trained to provide consistently enjoyable restaurant-standard cuisine. At all times your Resort Representative is also on hand to help out with their local knowledge, and to arrange local restaurant bookings on the Chalet Hotel team’s one day off per week.

Christmas & New Year Celebrations

Our Chalet Hotels are the ideal venue for your Christmas or New Year celebrations, providing the perfect festive atmosphere, wonderful food and wines, and our team of staff on hand to ensure you have a simply fantastic week!

Useful Information

• Chalet Hotel ratings shown for each property are our own ratings; they are not ‘star ratings’ and not to be confused or compared with any system of official ratings or national/international hotel categories.

• Children of all ages are welcome in all our Chalet Hotels on all dates. We serve a separate High Tea at 5:30pm for children aged 11 years and under with an appropriate menu. However, parents may elect for their children (11 years and under) to eat with them at the adult meal times on payment of a £39 per child per week supplement.

• All Chalet Hotels are entirely non smoking

• Each has its own bar – in most cases open to residents only*– the ideal place for your choice of après ski tipple.

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