Chamonix weather

May 20, 2022
Chamonix weather - Met Office



The Mediterranean high has moved over the Ionian Sea. The Azores high will take over on Friday, mostly sheltering the southern part of France. • Light disturbance linked to a very fast low traveling north of Scotland will be insinuating up to the Alps overnight. • This morning’s thin hazy skies will become mostly cloudy while high cloud will get thicker in the afternoon. • Expected disturbance might be triggering some light showers overnight with a rain‑snow limit towards 1700 m at first, dropping towards 1400 m later. • Improving fairly sunny and gradually milder on Friday and Saturday, then a noticeably more active cold front is expected to crossing over on Sunday.


SKY CONDITION : partly cloudy in the morning ‑ becoming cloudy in the afternoon, then mostly cloudy towards the evening ‑ thickening high cloud as time goes by. Period of sunshine close to 65%.

PRECIPITATION : none until the evening.

WIND - ground level : variable light.

WIND - mid mountain : SW moderate.

WIND - high mountain : WSW moderate to strong ‑> moderate.

TEMPERATURE : low ‑3°C - high +7°C - temperature inversion toward 1200 m early in the morning.

ISOTHERM 0°C : 2400 ‑> 2100 m.

ISOTHERM -10°C : 4400 ‑> 3900 m.

ROAD CONDITION ••••• : @ 05:30, mostly dry roadways - no traffic issue on treated itineraries - else, beware of nocturnal melted waters refreezing causing black ice patches.


SKY CONDITION : mostly cloudy.

PRECIPITATION : light shower likely ‑ rain‑snow limit towards 1700 m, dropping towards 1400 m ‑ almost nothing left on the ground.

WIND - aloft : WSW moderate ‑> NW light to moderate.



SKY CONDITION : locally cloudy in the morning ‑ becoming clear or partly cloudy. Period of sunshine close to 75%.


WIND - aloft : NW light to moderate ‑> N ‑> E light to moderate.

TEMPERATURE : low 0 °C - high +5°C.


SKY CONDITION : clear or partly cloudy in the morning ‑ becoming partly cloudy to cloudy during the afternoon. Period of sunshine close to 80%.

WIND - aloft : W light ‑> WNW strong.

TEMPERATURE : dropping lows.

Sunday : disturbance crossing over ‑ locally heavy precipitation with a rain‑snow limit above 1500 m ‑ strong NW high up. Monday and Tuesday : fairly sunny ‑ mild in the median altitude range.

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chamonix mont blanc france weather
chamonix mont blanc france weather
Chamonix weather 171214
Chamonix weather 171214
Chamonix morning weather 181214
Chamonix morning weather 181214
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