Chamonix best Restaurant

October 10, 2022
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There's a wide range of restaurants in Chamonix to suit all tastes, and budgets. Read our guide on all the best places to eat in Chamonix and where to find your favourite style of cuisine.

Barbecue Restaurants in Chamonix

You may miss the quaint, Swedish-run Bizes, tucked away in Rue du Lyret not far from the Casino. But then you will miss out on their fabulous BBQ entrecote or their quirky "Granny Plate" with homemade tapas which you can enjoy with a glass of wine at the bar. The barbeque restaurant is a new concept in Chamonix; everything is cooked oil-free, lactose and gluten free on their Josper BBQ, which seals in the flavour and delicately braises meat, vegetables and potatoes on the outside, leaving them soft inside. It’s hearty, no-frills food that’s home made with fresh ingredients and they cater for vegetarians.

Many of the bars and restaurants hold regular apres-ski and summer evening BBQ's - Chambre 9, Le Vagabond, Le Vert and the Jekyll in particular are fond of a barbie so check out our Chamonix Events Calendar to see if there are any coming up soon.

Breakfast & Brunch in Chamonix

More and more restaurants in Chamonix are recognising the benefits of offering a good breakfast menu that's more sustaining than a croissant and a cup of coffee.

If you’re about to set out for a big day on the mountain then Elevation do a hearty full English breakfast and a good range of filled baguettes including egg, bacon sausage and fish fingers. If you're watching your cholesterol you can tuck into their healthier option of granola with yoghurt and freshly squeezed OJ. They also do the typical continental breakfast of a croissant, fresh bread, jam, coffee and juice.

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