Chalet Blanche Chamonix

August 26, 2022
Chalet Blanche (Chamonix

.. day we drove up to the bottom of Snowdonia ((Machynlleth) and settled into a pub for the evening and watched the next semi-final game. The next day (Monday) we went to the Corris Slate Mine and the King Arthur's Labyrinth, then onto Chester for the evening. We stayed with Andrew Howe and were treated like Royalty. A wonderful evening out with the Howe Family. On Tuesday we went with Andrew for a North Wales Coast tour. We went to ...

... potato dish with local cheese. My storage container of duck fat grows, as the recipe for duck confit steadily improves. The refrigerator now boasts a minimum of five different cheeses, one of two which are exceedingly smelly, and permeate the kitchen every time the frig door is opened.All I need now is a good old fashioned French Grand Mother who knows the finer points of the regional cuisine and the patience to teach me. That might be a hard ...

... familiarity and friendliness of other shops and local markets.My favourite is a supermarket called Super U, ten minutes down the road in Les Houches. It has the most amazing delicatessen and cheese selection, where one can meander, admiring the handiwork of the chef, and buying mere morsels of the huge selections of pates and terrines to try later. The lovely ladies behind the counter have now understood my struggles with requests in French and have ...

... went to the room to get my Tripod. It was almost dark and I wanted to get some night photos of the town. I spend about an hour wandering about, mostly taking pictures of various restaurants and other businesses. One of the restaurants I walked past was the 1904 Restaurant near the station, and one of the items on their menu is a Full English breakfast, so I may dine there tomorrow instead of the hotel. After that it was back to the hotel to start getting ready for departure tomorrow.


We found a Nissan X-Trail to buy this morning. I felt that the car salesmen couldn't care if be bought the car or not but we pressed through that. Then, play date with two boys from James' school. Louis-Jack Harrison is from English and Michel is French. They all went fishing with Michel's Father (Stevie). I had a lovely hour with Louis-Jack's Mum and received ...

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Winter in Chamonix -
Winter in Chamonix -
Skiing the Vallee Blanche, Chamonix - Video Chamonix
Skiing the Vallee Blanche, Chamonix - Video Chamonix
Skiing the Vallée Blanche, Chamonix with Collineige
Skiing the Vallée Blanche, Chamonix with Collineige
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