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September 23, 2022
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Meribel, a ski resort in the French AlpsMeribel, a ski resort in the French Alps. Photograph: David Ebener/DPA/Corbis

A British teenager who died in an accident while skiing in the French Alps has been named as 17-year-old Louis Ross.

Louis was with a group of friends when he lost control on a slope in Meribel, the same resort where former Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher suffered a brain injury in 2013.

Louis was a lower sixth pupil at Canford School, an independent co-educational school in Wimborne, Dorset.

In a statement the school said: “We are devastated by this shocking news and are doing all we can to support the family during this time. The thoughts and prayers of the entire Canford community are with them.”

Friends of the teenager have tweeted to express their shock at Louis’s sudden death, with one saying “RIP Louis” and “Don’t take life for granted”.

French police said Louis was going too fast down an intermediate blue piste despite signs asking skiers to slow down ahead of an intersection. He lost balance and smashed into the slope at 10.35am on Wednesday.

Despite wearing a helmet, Louis suffered injuries to his face and, according to mountain rescuers, also sustained internal injuries to his chest. There has not been significant snowfall for nearly two weeks at the resort, and police believe the hardness of the piste contributed to the severity of the accident.

Mountain rescuers were at the scene within 10 minutes and found the teenager in cardiac arrest. Despite multiple attempts at resuscitation, it became apparent when the medic arrived in a helicopter that nothing could be done to save him.

The authorities are investigating the incident.

Tributes were paid to the teenager.

— Millie Smith (@Millie_Smithh)

RIP to one of my bestfriends Louis Ross, I am going to miss you so much💗💗💗

— JORDAN (@Too_Much_Payne)

life is so precious and is taken within a heartbeat. RIP Louis Ross, seemed like an all round top guy🙏🏻

— Ethan~ (@EthanLindsay777)

Rest in peace Louis Ross, can't believe it x

— Rose (@rosebrench1ey)

RIP Louis Ross, you will never be forgotten

Manu Dupost, a member of the mountain rescue team, said: “My message to the English public is to please be careful. Ski slopes are dangerous and it’s important to be cautious with your speed to help avoid an accident and keep you safe.”

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