Nightlife Chamonix

September 13, 2022
La Yaute - Chamonix bars

Les Marmottons, at the foot of Argentière’s home run, is where you might find live (if arthritic) rock music on the terrace on a sunny afternoon.

In the early evening, the main youth focus in Chamonix is the triangle of bars with food, beer, cocktails and live music near the station on Avenue Michel Croz: the mellow Elevation 1904, the hectic-to-messy Chambre 9 ( and Moö (, which brings interesting bands and a self-service beer tap to the party.

After a late drink at the Bunker Club on Place du Mont Blanc, survivors stagger across town to the Tof, a gay-friendly underground dance bar in Chamonix Sud, and nearby L’Amnesia. Both fill up with resort night-shifters and stay open until at least 4am,

Outside Chamonix town, the nightlife is quieter. The Office ( in Argentière has music, sport on TV, pitchers, pizzas and powder chat. The Chamo’Nuit night bus goes from Argentière to Les Houches via Chamonix and back, finishing at 12.30am. This might work for dining out purposes, but not for serious clubbing. See for local taxi services.

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