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October 21, 2022
Savoie Holidays - Chalet

Each pair of skis was marked out of 10 for 11 criteria:

Edge hold

How well the edges hold in the turn, from the beginning to the end.

Short turns

How well the skis willingly switch from edge to edge and make quick turns down the fall line.

Long turns

How much the skis hold their course in long, sweeping turns.

High speed

How well the skis perform at high speeds. Are they stable? Do they turn well?

Low speed

How well the skis perform at slow speeds. Are they stable? Do they turn well?

The testers mark each ski across 11 criteria (Photo: Adrian Myers)


How stable the skis feel while turning and over uneven snow.


How lively and responsive the skis are. How much rebound they give and how quickly they turn.


How versatile the skis are. Are they at home on piste, off piste, in bumps, on flat slopes, on steeper slopes, in powder, on ice etc?

Off piste

How well they float in powder. How solid the platform feels in the crud and broken snow. Do they make skiing off piste easier?

Groomed piste

An overall score for their performance on groomed snow, encompassing turning and straight-line stability, liveliness/responsiveness, edge grip, and their overall balance between long and short turn performance.


How good they feel when making short turns down the fall-line through a mogul field.

Telegraph Ski equipment editor and Olympian Martin Bell amalgamated the results and determined the final winners for each category. The Best on Test skis were those that consistently scored the highest across the criteria, while the Best Value winners were those that combined solid performance with an affordable price tag.

Full results will be published in this season’s issues of Telegraph Ski and Snowboard print and digital magazines, and online.

The categories

Which pair of skis you should rent or buy is entirely dependent on your ability level and the type of skiing you'll be doing the most. There's no point in buying a snazzy looking pair of park & pipe skis if you're going to spend the majority of your time cruising on piste. Take our quick quiz to find out which type of ski might be right for you, and read on to discover what each category is best for:


If you spend the majority of your time on the groomers – whether starting to carve or ripping GS arcs – these are the weapons for you. They’re designed with relatively narrow waists for good grip on hard snow and a quick response from edge to edge. Many of them, particularly at expert level, utilise technologies developed in the racing arena that help reduce excess vibrations to boost stability and improve edge hold while carving at high speed. Intermediate and advanced models are more forgiving at low speeds.

All mountain

The clue’s in the name. These skis have medium-width waists and are designed for 50/50 versatility all over the mountain – on piste and off piste, from hardpack piste through crud to deep pow. For improvers who like to venture off piste from time to time, all-mountain intermediate or advanced skis are a good shout, while more confident, aggressive skiers who want to spend more time off piste might be better off with wider, stiffer all-mountain expert models.

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Rêve de neige : Le Stade de France en station de ski !
"Rêve de neige" : Le Stade de France en station de ski !
Les Orres est la station de ski la moins chère de France
Les Orres est la station de ski la moins chère de France ...
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