Chamonix ski lessons

September 5, 2022
Ski lesson at the Grand

ESF VallorcineWelcome the Ecorider ski school, International ski school of Chamonix. Ecorider is the first ski school in the world who fight against the global warming.

70 instructors and 2 offices at your service. Lessons in all winter sports and mountain sports (skiing, snowboarding, freeride, speed riding, and paraglid...

ESF Explore the Chamonix Valley with Ski & Snowboarding Lessons, Off Piste clinics, Vallee Blanche Descents, High Mountain Guides, Ski School for children, Hel...

All mountains activities Winter/Summer(Ski-Snowboard School, Off-Piste, Vallée Blanche, Heliski, Tandem Paragliding Flight, Via Ferrata, Canyoning, Mont-Bl...

Led by a passionate and professional team of snowboarders, you can discover the sensations of snowboarding and improve your technique. Our tailor-made cour...

Apprehend the mountains differently, experience unforgettable moments in a convivial atmosphere with SKI SENSATIONS instructors.

Ecorider French Ski school Handi'Cap Mont-Blanc ESF de Chamonix

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