Geneva to Chamonix bus

December 20, 2021
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A regular efficient bus service links Chamonix directly with Geneva Airport and also stops in Geneva itself. Transfers are generally a better option but sometimes the bus is the only way!

I would not recommend this as a way to get a large group with all their luggage to us. Taxis are very expensive and it could cost you more to get the last two kilometers than the first hundred! But they can be useful if one person is arriving a day later and could be collected from the station, or perhaps for a day trip to Geneva.

A transfer service can take you to Chamonix, often for a comparable price or less, and will take you directly to the door of the chalet. If you have heavy or bulky luggage like skis or a board, a transfer is almost certainly a better option.

There are two companies operating on the route:


The last buses go at around 5 pm and you need to allow plenty of time to get there as traffic can cause delays. They are extremely reliable, however, and can be very useful at off-peak times when the transfers don’t run so often. Chamonix to Geneva Airport bus times from Altibus


New for 2015 is an Easybus service. This runs early and late, and for a very low price. As with many offerings from this company, reviews have been mixed! It will drop you at the bus station which is 2.5 km from the chalet – not very convenient. You may be able to get a train from there to Les Praz – last one at around 8 pm, and it’s then a 5-10 minute walk from the station to the chalet.

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Mama By Smokey Mountain Geneva Cruz
Mama By Smokey Mountain Geneva Cruz
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Skiing at The Mountain Top at Grand Geneva
Skiing at The Mountain Top at Grand Geneva
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