Holidays to French Alps

May 31, 2024
Tourists carrying their skis

Holidaying in the French Alps is a popular option for both beginner and intermediate skiers and it’s a great place to visit if you’re searching for some of the best ski terrain in the world.

From the moment you arrive our fantastic range of apartments, hotels and chalets will make you feel at home in this winter wonderland. Set amidst a backdrop of stunning scenery, it’s here that outdoorsy types can really get to grips with what’s on offer. It’s also a great place to venture if you’re a fan of traditional French cuisine.

Reasons to visit

Aside from the impressive ski slopes, the French Alps are a great option for families travelling with skiers and snowboarders of all abilities. The runs available at our resorts offer something to suit both amateurs and professionals.

Aside from the many impressive runs there are also a number of off piste activities to choose from including hiking, biking and dining in one of the many on-site eateries. A holiday in the French Alps is perfect for all family members regardless of their tastes and abilities.

Things to see and do

Our package holidays are made for flexibility, which means on the days you tire of skiing, you may wish to try your hand at snowboarding or even tobogganing. Our resorts boast a number of easily accessible chairlifts, an abundance of restaurants, cafes and bars and a variety of evening entertainment.

Whilst in the Alps, it’s recommended that you try some of the renowned French cuisine. One of the area’s most celebrated dishes comes in the shape of a tartiflette which is created using potatoes, onions, reblochon cheese and lardons and forms the perfect antidote to a lengthy day spent on the slopes.

For something a little sweeter, tempt your taste buds with a traditional French crepe. A number of the local restaurants and cafes will often hold themed evenings, comprising of traditional dishes and local beverages – perfect for sharing with friends and family.

If you’re travelling with young children, this doesn’t mean sacrificing your own ski time. There are a number of kid-friendly ski classes to choose from so that the little ones are able to learn the ropes whilst you take part in your preferred activities.


The Northern Alps boast cold winters and heavy snowfall – perfect conditions for a number of snow sports. Temperatures range from -2°C in January to just below the 20s in July.

If you plan to visit in the winter months it’s wise to pack a number of layers, including waterproofs and good ski gear, although you may be able to hire some clothing at your chosen resort if you choose.

GoPro HD : To Mont Joviet shelter French Alps
GoPro HD : To Mont Joviet shelter French Alps
Skiing Holidays In The French Alps (1967)
Skiing Holidays In The French Alps (1967)
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