Compagnie du Mont Blanc

January 29, 2021
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The Chamonix-based Compagnie du Mont-Blanc (CMB) was one of the first ski lift companies to operate in France.

Under a concession contract, the CMB is engaged in serving and providing transportation in the mountains by ski lifts, chairlifts, gondolas, cable cars and cog railways.

"The Compagnie du Mont-Blanc" is not an isolated company. It is one of the Chain-mail links of the "quality chain" which links the suppliers to the customers, the users of our services.

Our position gives us certain rights but also compels us to certain duties :

- to satisfy our customers

- to keep ouselves aware of our customers' needs in order to improve our processes

- every one of our employees must give his/her best and always aim to improve their performance.

Our unique aim is to bring satisfaction to our customer, and it is with this goal in mind that we pursue our investment policies and try to give useful, exact and rapid inforamtion to our customers.

This position also gives us rights :
- The right to be ambitious and to make our Company a leader in our profession.
- The right to be ambitious with the will to make Chamonix, as a whole, a place where our customer's stay is made easy and successful.

Our web site is open to all, easy of access and all the information you may need can be found here in the respect our rights and duties.

Mathieu DECHAVANNE President Managing Director

Group Compagnie du Mont-Blanc Les Houches / St Gervais Area Megève Area Turnover 96 M€ 70 M€ 7 M€ 19 M€ Workforce 551 personnes 404 personnes 37 personnes 110 personnes Skier days in winter 1 881 749 skier days in winter
762 976visits in the summer 857 749 skier days in winter
755 276 visits in the summer. 304 000 skier days in winter
7 700 visits in the summer. 720 000 skier days in winter30 000 visits in the summer.
Présentation du Domaine de Balme Compagnie du Mont-Blanc.
Présentation du Domaine de Balme Compagnie du Mont-Blanc.
la Compagnie du Mont Blanc
la Compagnie du Mont Blanc
Mont-Blanc parapente
Mont-Blanc parapente
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