Chamonix Transfers from Geneva Airport

October 26, 2022
To Chamonix transfers from


On Arrival at Geneva Airport : Pick Up

Your Cham-Van transfer driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals area on the Swiss (International) side of Geneva Airport. Your transfer driver will wait beside the Cham-Van welcome board with your transfer-group leader's name on it.

Your Geneva Departure: Scheduled transfers from Chamonix etc

On the evening before travel an SMS is sent to the mobile telephone number supplied to confirm time of pickup with driver's name and contact number. If you have not received an SMS, it is your responsibility to contact the Cham-Van office to confirm the time of your pickup.

For private transfers from Chamonix, pickups are generally scheduled about 3 hours before the departure of the flight.

For shared transfers from Chamonix, pickups will be scheduled 3-5 hours before flight departure.

How long is a Geneva - Chamonix transfer?

Depending on road & traffic conditions, transfer times normally take:

  • 1hr 10 mins to 1 hr 30 mins between Geneva and Chamonix
  • 1hr to 1 hr 30 mins between Geneva and Les Houches / Servoz
  • 1hr 30 mins to 1 hr 45 mins between Geneva and Argentiere

Geneva Airport transfer booking form

For your transfer from Geneva Airport to Chamonix, please enter the scheduled arrival time of the flight.

For your transfer from the resort to the airport, please enter the scheduled departure time of your flight(NOT your check-in time).

Can I take my baby on my lap? … No!

No. In accordance with the law, which has arisen to protect passengers and babies in the event of accident, children must be carried in authorized child restraint seats. You must therefore purchase a seat for your baby or child, no matter what age.

What is a shared transfer? If I book a shared transfer, how long is my wait at Geneva airport?

The Cham-Van Airport Transfer Team carefully plan all shared transfers between Geneva & Chamonix/ other Alps resorts, with the following goals in mind:

1. To minimise client waiting time: Our aim is that our clients should not wait more than an hour at the airport before the departure of the transfer
2. To ensure that no client with a confirmed reservation is left behind at the airport due to circumstances outside of their control (such as delays with flights, customs or baggage)
3. For arrivals at Geneva Airport, clients whose flights are scheduled to arrive at a similar time will be grouped to travel together.

Top Tip - Private transfer service

If you want to leave the airport as soon as you arrive, you should book one of our competitively priced private transfers from Geneva Airport.

Are you a fully licensed & insured airport transfer service? ...Yes!

Yes. Cham-Van is a registered French company trading in Chamonix since 2004. All of Cham-Van's transfer taxis and vehicles are fully insured for passenger transportation. Wayne Coates, Cham-Van's owner, is the holder of British National and International Passenger Transport License (Certificate of Professional Competence), French License number 20652 issued by the Ministere Charge des Transports, Rhone Alpes.

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